How to tone your body

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Toning your body.

So you want to have a tone body? Well you’ve come to the right place! This website is a great resource for learning how to tone your every part of your body. You can learn how to tone your your legs, your arms, your stomach and more. Please keep checking back as this website is being constantly updated.

The best way to tone your body is to lose body fat. To lose body fat you need to eat right, do cardio on a regular basis, and lift weights.

Eating right.

Start out by eating 5 to 6 small meals each day. This is a quick way to speed up your metabolism. You need to speed up your metabolism and let your body know that you do not need to store calories. This is why people that often skip breakfast don’t lose weight! Imagine the days when we used to hunt for our food. We would go days without eating. Our bodies are designed to store energy (as body fat) for these periods of time. This is part of survival. When you eat several small meals a day you are telling your body that you do not need to store anything because the food will keep coming. Do not skip meals! Skipping meals will tell your body that it needs to hang on to your fat because you’re not eating. Eat lean meats only. Top Sirloin, Fish, chicken and turkey are all great sources of low fat meat. Eat plenty of vegetables. but stay away from corn, carrots and peas. These are high in sugar. Do not eat breads, rice, sugar, or potatoes. It may take a few days to get use to, but when you get into a routine you won’t crave these things anymore and they will become easy to avoid.


Cardiovascular exercises include running, biking, swiming, hiking, walking, dancing, and more. Do cardio often and keep your heart rate up. If you live in a two story house, you can use your stairs as an exercise routine. Start out by walking up and down the stairs and count that as 1 repetition and do as many repetitions as confortable.

Lift Weights.

Putting on muscle increases your metabolism. If fact it can be more effective than just cardio for burning fat. If you are trying to put on muscle you need to be sure that you’re getting enough protein in your diet to build your muscles. Try including weight lifting in your routine.

Top 10 Fat Loss fundamentals…

1. Create a calorie deficit. A good starting point is your current weight x10.
2. Eat 6 small meals a day. Each containing a lean protein and a complex carb.
3. Drink 8+ glasses of water per day.
4. Eat 2+ servings of vegetables per day.
5. Perform at least 20 minutes of cardio at least 3x per week.
6. Train with weights at least 3x per week.
7. Consume 1g protein per lb. of lean body mass.
8. Train your abs a maxdimum of 3x per week.
9. Take a multivitamin daily and use protein shakes as a meal replacement.
10. Limit your cheat meal to 1x per week.

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